Christian Pepi


Licensed Psychologist – Psychotherapist
Via della Concordia 33, Perugia, Italy

Education(>19 years)
Master’ Degree in Psychology (5 years) gained in 07/07/2000 at University of Urbino, score 108/110. 1 year of apprenticeship at University of Urbino. Licensed at Board of Psychologist’s (number of license 1187)
Advanced Specialization (4 years) in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapyat Italian Society for the Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy (SIPP), Rome, member of European Federation for the Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy in the Public Sector (EFPP), gained in 06/11/2009, with maximum score.
Personal and training psychoanalysis from 2004to 2013at 4 sessions a week, with a Psychoanalyst member of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA). Supervisions about cases of intensive psychotherapy conducted with analysts of the IPA, with training functions.
Training on psychodiagnostic (2 years) with Rorschach test and other projective techniques, at “Scuola Romana Rorschach”, Rome. Final examination overcome in 14/02/2004 with maximum score. Ordinary Member of the International Rorschach Society (Zurich, Swiss)
Master in Psychopathology (1 year) gaind in 11/06/2001 at University of Urbino, Italy. Training in forensic psychology (2 years), gained in 2006, at “Scuola di discussione-onlus”, Macerata, Italy.

Professional experience
Coordinator of the Residential Structure for Minors “Scuola di Discussione”, Macerata, Italy, from 1/04/2003 to now.
Psychotherapist at the same society.

Training Psychologistat Family Counseling service by national health care service, from 01/04/2004 to 31/12/2007 (jobs: psychological and personality evaluations, psychotherapy, psychometric testing)
From july 2006 professional practice of the Psychotherapy at own surgery, in Ancona. Adult cases and adolescents.
Teaching and lectures
Subject Expert and Lecturer at classesof Psychodiagnostic I and II, Psychology Department, University of Urbino, from 2003 to 2010.
Ex chair of theory and techniques of personality and psychometric tests.
Spokesman at annual seminars on “Rorschach test”, and “TAT simulation”
Trainer for Court Expertsat “Istituto Rorschach Forense, Rome”, from 2016. Master classes in “children custody” and “forensic psychic damage syndromes”
Psychology Teacher at Masso-Physiotherapist Sanitary Polytechnic “A. Fleming”, Perugia, Ancona, from 2003 at now.
Psychology Teacher at the class of “Preventing mobbing phenomenon” for the regional department professionals.
Psychology Teacher at the class of “Familiar assistant” and “Socio-educational techniques”

Governative assignments
Expert for Juvenile Court, and Examining Magistrate, from 2004

I’m an Juvenile Honorary Judge at the Court of Appeal of Ancona, and Court for Minors and a member of the Italian Superior Council of Judges, Justice Department, from 2011 to 2017